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Autistic Son with Positive ANA Screen and thickening Pericardium

My son is 22. He is autistic and unable to express symptoms or pain. I can tell when things are wrong so I took him to the hospital in December 2016 and the test results made it appear that he had a mild heart attack. They have ran a myriad of tests on him- blood tests, CT scan, echos, EKGs, stress test. Earlier in the year he showed some fluid in the sac around his heart and had a positive ANA screen with 1:80, mild inflammation. The inflammation went down and all the other tests were normal so the rheumatologist felt he wasn't needed and we continued with his cardiologist. He had a stress test and blood work in March. The blood tests were pretty normal and the stress test was fine, echo still showed fluid. Two weeks ago he had another echo to prepare for his 3 month check up. The fluid has gone down but his pericardium has thickened in 3 months. The doctor did a TB test that day, blood work and a CT scan the next day. On this past Friday(June 23,2017) the doctor said TB test negative, all blood work looks normal except ANA screen is now 1:160. CT scan confirmed the thickening which is thicker in some areas. Sending him to a local rheumatologist next week. His cardiologist thinks he may have a form of sone undiagnosed or undiscovered connective tissue disease. I am so terrified for my angel. He has truly been a gift since birth. Anyone have anything similar or any suggestions?
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replied June 25th, 2017
Thickening can be scary. My niece went through the same and a rheumatologist gave her a prescription that worked like magic contact at kelvinizzy9 at gmail can help...
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