My son's teeth seem to be very small. My concern is that it's from the previous grinding. When pressed, the dentist says that she sees no evidence of new grinding. She won't get him a mouth guard. His jaw is very small. My husband is tired of hearing about our son's teeth and my catastropic worries. It's just that the poor kid is dealing with so much already with the autism...It's too much to have teeth problems, too.
He's 11 now...12 in December...and my hubby assures me that his teeth will grow.
The dentist tells me to stop reading so much on the Internet.
I just wish these doctors and dentists would take the time to sit down and share everything they know about a situation...level with their patients and tell them exactly how to deal with it.
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replied April 23rd, 2011
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replied May 3rd, 2011
Hi. I just read both of your posts in regards to your Autistic son.. My brother is autistic as well. He is 23 year. The battles to get his teeth brushed sounds like a very familiar scene in our household as well. Like you, it became easier after a while but it was still a challenge at times. My brother also found an angel dentist (after kicking two in the shin). He had to be put under for a full cleaning one point. No one was very happy about this, especially my mother.

I don't have any new information to give you about his dental health but I do want to tell you that you're in my heart. Also, try to look at the things you can control as opposed to the things you cannot. Teeth are incredibly important and I'm not trying to minimize their importance whatsoever. However, I also think putting into perspective your well being and his well being might make the picture grow a little bit. My heart goes out to you. Smile
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