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Autism ADHD Phycosis and anxiety problem

I am 29 3 years ago i was diagnosed with asd aspergers syndrome and adhd i was given risperidone because i have phycosis, i take 3mg of risperidone for phycosis, i dont take any meds for adhd found they didnt work,

i am experiencing a lot of anxiety, well i worry about things, the way people speek to me, events of the past , all sorts of things really, its constant, i used to take citalopram for anxiety but it didnt work well

what should i do, do you think other med would help, i think i need valium
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replied September 23rd, 2010
Hi, my son is 15 and has Autism he suffers from extreme anxiety. Also my 28 y/o son and 17 y/o daughter have anxiety and depression disorders. I also used to worry alot when I was younger and recently have been getting panic attacks so I have had a little bit of experience and I feel for you because it is a nightmare to deal with, you are in my prayers. We did not get help with meds although my autistic son has not tried any and does not want to even though the anxiety is really bad. A few things have helped, he keeps a journal to write down what is bothering him and a positive outcome with it. Or how you can turn the situation around. You can't change the past but you can learn from it and let those negatives become positives that help you grow. I don't know if you are spiritual but I copied several scriptures on anxiety and my son carries the copy with him and when he starts to panic especially from things he has no controll over, i.e. death, natural disasters, he gets out his copy and reads the scriptures until it passes. It helps me and my 28 year old to sit with someone but if your alone you can also talk yourself down. Look for a silver lining in EVERYTHING. Remind yourself that you can't change what has happened think about the good things in your life and some really nice things you would like to do in the future. Try to relax and think of being somewhere really pleasant and basically daydream. Sorry I couldn't help about the meds, for us the side effects were bad.
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