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Aussie single guy ocd/cfs.Dealing with singledom issues.

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Hi. As I sufferer of both ocd and chronic fatigue (cfs) its cost me a lot.One thing its done is its kept me single.I just dont get out away from my home.So,I dont meet anyone outside my home.I'm usually exhausted most times.Thats cfs for you.The ocd causes its share of problems too.It prevented me from doing many things including changing into clean/new clothes.Not exactly a candidate for best dressed man.I look like a homeless person.Until the day after christmas I made that progress of putting on clean clothes.Christmas day I made the progress to eating a cooked meal when I'm on my own.My non medical treatments and specifically the progress purely with ocd over the last 7 months has been constant.

I live on my own,I'm 51 and dealing with everyday issues ,that includes being single.I'm lucky that I dont get depression.Real lucky there.Lacking that relationship in my daily life has been a drain on me.How many of you can relate to what I'm going through as a single person? How do YOU deal with it? Having a computer screen for a companion isnt a relationship.It just helps reduce the boredom and gives me contact with the outside world.

You're welcome to reply if you would like to.

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replied December 29th, 2012
Extremely eHealthy

I notice you introduce yourself as an Aussie. In a way it is comforting to know you guys are normal and have imperfections and get sick too because the film and television Australian stereotype is all the experience a lot of us have to go on.

Another stereotype is the one where ocd sufferers main hang-ups and rituals seem to be concerned with cleanliness, hygeine or luck.
Mostly this has its roots in what we tend to see as sensible behaviour based on sound knowledge that has become extreme because for whatever reason the sufferer has lost confidenc or mastery of his or her own brain through shock, fear, injury and suchlike and needs the reassurance such rituals can provide.

This is the first time I have heard of an ocd sufferer whose rituals do not seem to be based on something rooted in sensible or intelligent behaviour that has become extreme.
I would like to know more about the roots of your rituals if you would like to try and explain them to me.

Also, I have had very little experience of chronic fatigue syndrome and I am unsure whether it is a physical or a purely mental malady.

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replied December 30th, 2012
Hi Verne.We are like everyone else.

You will need to do a search to look up chronic fatigue.It basically means I'm exhausted most of the time.I have good days and bad days.

As for ocd I'm no scientist.Whatever damage was done to me the day ocd struck me gave me rituals and whatever else.It was a horror story going somewhere to happen.The version I got might be different in some ways to others but thats how its affected me.

Sorry,I can give you anuy further explaination.I'm being treated for it by alternative health care practitioner and I'm making big progress.Not much left of ocd to go and I'm cured.
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