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Aunt , estranged sister

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I am not sure what happened. My aunt recently came back into my life via the internet. Anyway, she remembered my estranged sister. I emailed this sister and got no response. Then I was emailed by another sister and we shared child hood experiences.
We both agreed that we had a dysfunctional family.
Then yesterday my Aunt calls me and tells me what she thinks of me. This is sudden and out of the blue and she made refernce to specific things that only a sister would know. She said the rest of my family has nothing to do with me because of who I married. Now my aunt won't email or talk with me. She did allude to the fact the my oldest sister had contacted her and given her the "heads up" about me. I am hurt especially since I haven't seen that sister since 1979. This sister has always done things like this. What could she possibly have said and why would she want to hurt me? I don't get it.

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