I want to know below Diseases which we have found in the Brain-MRI report.

clinical profile - imbalance & dysarthria

1)Significant Atrophy of the Superior Vermis with mild prominence of cerebellar foliae and IV the Ventricle is noted.

Impression:-Significant atrophy of the superior vermis with mild atrophy of cerebellar hemispheres.
Finding are most likely due to neuro degeneration.

Is this deseases called cerebral palsy?

Request you to please breif me in detail with all disadvantages.& any treatment?

Please try to give me the above details asap.

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replied December 1st, 2009
DId youo ask your Dr?
I'm going to look it up online, as i don't know what the superior vermis is.

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replied December 30th, 2009
cerebellar, ataxia, Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, hypotonia, dysarthria
My daughter is 8 and has been diagnosed with a thin branch in her superior vermis in the cerebellum. They have said that it is cerebellar atrophy and her IV ventricle is also enlarged. This was missed for 5 years in her MRIs and finally found by the NIH in Betheseda MD. Her symptoms are also dysarthria (pretty significant), lack of balance (she can not stand independently ~ she uses a walker for mobility), she has a cognitive delay of about 4 years. We still don't have a REAL diagnosis but she looks like someone with ataxic cerebral palsy, however we've been told that it's not CP. Apparently these cerebellar ataxia diseases aren't easy to diagnose. I don't think we will ever find the true name for what she has.

Hope this helps,
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