if my jaw is asymmetrical.. one side of my face looks different than the other.. and i just got my braces off.. should i see a dentist for it or should i see my orthodontist again to get it fixed? i have neck pains from my stretched looking face.

My top teeth after braces are aligned more towards the right of my jaw, i also still have an over bite.. i do realize that everyone's face is not symmetrical but due to my smile i believe that my teeth are shifting my face's position more to the right side.

The top of my teeth still overbite.. my top of my teeth align to the right side.. and my face looks like two different people from the left and right side.. i catch stiffnes and pain from my neck due to this. who do i goto?

A stress level of teeth, jaws or facial muscles are problems that can occur from a misaligned jaw (TMJ).

I understand that my problem may be TMJ.. I also hear clicking and popping sounds every time i open my mouth but who do i goto? Back to orthodontist... or dentist?
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