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Asthma, skin irritations, hyperthyroidism, and celiac linked?

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I have hyperthyroidism and celiac disease and have been taking synthroid for 5 years. I don't know which one of the 2 came first but I found out about the thyroid 10 years ago (or so) and began to treat it 5 years ago...couldn't afford treatment at the time.

I also found out that I have celiac 5 years ago when I went to check why I was getting soooo bloated almost every day...very painful.

I had asthma throughout my childhood and a skin condition that I never found out what it was...I'm now 35 and rarely have asthma attacks but the skin irritations still come and go. I don't know if it's stress related or if it's because of what I eat...or both. They usually appear on my feet, wrists, and fingers...sometimes behind the knees and between my arm and forearm...when they show up, parts of the skin have round red patches although on my fingers they show up as little pimples that have turned into pus inside instead of a clear liquid...and has spread from 1 finger to all. My hands and feet sweat A LOT so I suspect that the excessive sweating might also trigger the itchy skin...I suspect having hyperhidrosis (since childhood)..

1) Are asthma, skin irritations, hyperthyroidism, celiac disease, and hyperhidrosis linked?
2) By having celiac and not being able to absorb nutrients easily, what's the best way to absorb them?
--Is there a multi-vitamin that can be injected?
--Would that be the best alternative instead of vitamin supplement pills?
3)How can hyperthyroidism cause osteoporosis?
4)What type of skin irritation could I have?
5)What if I'm thinking of becoming pregnant?
--What precautions should I take?

Thanks. 4you
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replied October 6th, 2011
1) Yes - going gluten free is the only treatment. It should help improve these related conditions,( but it is possible that you will never recover 100% )
2) You need to go gluten free and give your digestive system time to heal. Search GAPS diet - you should be eating fermented foods (yogurt sauerkraut etc) and taking probiotics to replenish friendly bacteria. And eating easy to digest foods .
In the mean time, you can have vitamin IV treatments- ask your doctor about the myers cocktail. it is a good combination of vitamins, the treatment usually takes 30 minutes.
3) not sure
4) I had eczema , but it cleared up when i went gluten free.
5) YOU NEED TO BE GLUTEN FREE please do not even attempt to get pregnant until you have been gluten free for at least a year. If you are eating gluten your digestion is impaired- you are malnourished. If you choose to get pregnant in this state you could give birth to a child with a physical deformity or mental retardation.

For example if a mother is deficient in folic acid (B9) her child could be born with neural tube defects, heart defects or a cleft palate. That is just ONE VITAMIN, if you are not gluten free you are most likely deficient in many vitamins...

Going 100% gluten free is the only precaution you need to take. You cannot eat gluten at any point through out your pregnancy. If you do you risk miscarriage and birth defects.
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