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Asthma , Carbon Dioxide , office atmosphere

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I suffer from Asthma and have the usual inhalers, Green, Blue and Brown. During this very hot weather the ventilation in my office broke down, there are about 60 people in the office. The windows are sealed shut so no way of getting fresh air, there are 2 exits from the office and each end but they are at a 90 deg angle to our office and one has a door, not sure if it is a fire door. During the very high temperatures the heat went up to 28 deg and it was very humid.

Over the last few days I have had very bad asthma attacks at all times of the day and night, my lungs are very sore and I am having trouble walking as my legs feel like jelly, I have used my blue and brown inhaler during the day. Do you think it has anything to do with the atmosphere in the office?, i.e. do you think it is Carbon Dioxide

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