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aspergers syndrome with signs of tourettes syndrome

My son is 26 years old, he was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome about three years ago. As a child and a teen he had problems with social skills and sensitivity issues. He had alot of the typical symptoms of aspergers, however sinse aspergers was not a diagnoses in his childhood , twenty years ago he was only diagnosed with having ocd, but the more I learned about aspergers the more I knew he must have that. He never had any major issues until three years ago however. He started cutting himself, and having anger outbursts (melt downs) When he has an anger outburst he yells out things that dont make any sense, now we are thinking he has touretts syndrome. Does anyone know if touretts is at all associated with aspergers in adults?
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replied December 12th, 2013
Both autism and touretts deal with tics so there could be some association between the two; but also it could be when hes angry like many other poeple he dosent always think about what he says, and maybe to him it makes sense. Was there anything 3 years or so ago the could have been a major change in his life or something like a death of a loved one(maybe even he didnt agree with the aspergers diagnosis idk), because it could also contribute heavly to the outbursts, and might help if delt with. Good luck sometimes it can be a rocky road with life but eventually you'll get through it.
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