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Aspergers syndrome and anxious over dying

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i'm secretly struggling to cope and deal with losing both my nans within 6 months of eachother i'm now more heightened anxious over dying and feel really low in myself like a failure i've let them down i cry at nights and end up S/H too i also have aspergers syndrome which complicates things further i keep trying to run away and hide from the world scared to face things head on! it overwhelming suffocating too much to bear!
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First Helper nineinchnails

replied March 3rd, 2011
Aww, I do feel for you. You really need to go and see someone and get help. I have the same condition and I have a fear of death which causes me endless panic attacks. I am now on medication which helps to a degree. I am going for psychological help soon. I hope things get better for you. Smile
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