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Aspergers? 17 and I've really started to wonder

Hi there, I am currently 17 and I've really started to wonder some things. My girlfriends brother has aspergers and I've noticed a lot of similarities between him and I. Looking at this many of the symptoms I have. There are other symptoms I've noticed but I will compare what I've found below. I know nobody here can diagnose something as complex as aspergers, especially over the internet but I'm really looking for some advice. The last time I went to a doctor about having issues with focusing(I always have but its getting in the way of highschool where before I would just get by on natural smarts without studying and get 90's, I'm very impatient & not very good at sitting still/paying attention). The doctor did not take me very seriously and diagnosed me with depression, trying to prescribe me zoloft. I opted against it as I know that isn't my issue. One thing not listed below is that I also get VERY upset when hurt or in a situation that makes me angry.
Since a child in situations like when a teacher was upset with me I would cry uncontrollably, if my sister made me angry I would have an uncontrollable rage combined with hyperventilation and uncontrollable crying.
The most recent event of this is my stepfather made me incredibly angry and upset & I started screaming and crying uncontrollably, I broke my house phone and put a hole in my door. That was the first time for it to be that severe as I have gotten much better at managing these emotions with age and the aggression is not a very regular thing.
I do have a decent number of friends but many I do not hang out with much outside of sschool, I often have no interest in socializing outside of my room. I used to play world of warcraft however to which I played MANY hours a day and tend to enjoy socializing through these means much more. I would spend hours talking to online friends via voice chat programs through games like this. I find it a bit funny as well that I have a large interest in computers/electronics, always have and plan on doing engineering next year(which I said I would do when I was a kid), engineering is apparently another trend for people with aspergers.

Poor communication such as:

Speech and language peculiarities

Overformal speech - Yes

Taking everything literally

Word repetition (echolalia)

Long monologues

Inappropriate remarks - Yes

Inability to take turns talking - Yes

Inability to listen to others - Yes

Speaking without any pitch or tone - Yes

Unable to recognize figure of speech or sarcasm

Difficulty initiating conversation - Yes

Flat, cheerless demeanor

Loud voice - Yes

Doesn’t respond to name very well

Non-verbal communication problems such as:

Inability to pick up facial expressions

Not able to notice body language

Does not pick up subtle changes in someone tone of voice

Avoid eye contact while communicating - yes

Unaware of personal space ( invading it!)

Few facial expressions - Yes

Unaware of unwritten rules

Impaired social interaction such as:

Social withdrawal - Yes

Lack of interest in other people - Yes

Eccentric personality - Yes

Preoccupied with their own agenda - Yes

Eccentric personalityEccentric personality - Yes

Urge to correct people in their speech or behavior

Limited interests - yes

Unusual preoccupations - Yes

Need for sameness

Repetitive routines or rituals

Engages in highly repetitive play - Yes

Excellent rote memory

Lack of empathy

Single-mindedness -

Aloof - Somewhat

Inflexible thinking

Lack of imagination - Yes

Indifferent - Very much so, it irritates my girlfriend greatly

Rigid thinking

Lack of make-believe or imitative play - Yes

Fear of changes

Poor motor skills such as:

Poor coordination


Uncoordinated motor movements

Hand flapping

Head swiveling


Stilted Doesn’t have a strong response to pain

Extreme dislike of certain noises, textures or situations - Yes, I find it incredibly difficult to deal with awkward situations, even to the point of if a character on TV is doing something awkward I cannot watch it.

Easily over stimulated by sounds, crowds or lights - yes, I have very sensitive ears, I get overwhelmed at events like school dances etc.
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First Helper Ann55

replied December 22nd, 2012
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I have ADD, OCD, depression, anxiety, and my dad had all of these for 89 years. Just happens to run in my family. I have been on psych meds for 30 years and I absolutely hate them. I have gone to an alternative healer in some small town out of this state and the whole mental mess is gone - in 5 minutes. This man went to medical school, chiropractic school, studied in China for many years and I have never seen so many certificates on a wall in my entire life. You have no idea that such things exist that will heal each and every person of every ailment on the planet. Dump the drug bandwagon as soon as you can and that is what I plan on doing. I have never taken any medication for my ADD - because I never knew I had it. My mother introduced me to crystalized ginger when I was in 2nd Grade and I have one year of college with straight A's and 2 scholarships I left behind. Don't ever give up. There are things out there besides the O so rotten AMA and the Drug companies!!! I have a son that is ADD with Asperger's syndrome that was on Vyvanse for 15 months (and hearing voices!!!) and adderall for the rest of the time. He last took an adderall pill on the last day of high school and never again. We have found alternative things. Anything hot that gets the blood circulating will do the trick - ginger, cayenne pepper, hot peppers, curry, and add in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and try something called vincentopene (an extract from the Periwinkle plant) which helps the memory very much. I just can't stress it enough. I have said that the next time I am in the hospital, it will be over my DEAD body!!! Enough said!
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replied January 4th, 2013
Do you possibly think youre a hypochrondriac? Reading this list im sure 99% of people can agree with quite a few things on this list. You would have known sooner, however, it could be ADHD.
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replied January 8th, 2013
I agree with lauraWeeks, If you have posted this you are not autistic. But yes Possibly Adhd.
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replied July 25th, 2013
If you show all these signs then you probably definitely have severe AS,ADHD,Learning difficulties such as Dylexia or Dyspraxia, Hypersensitivity, and if you repeeat the same things or have habits you cant break like maybe not going anywhere without having number of pens in your pocket, or maybe just walking on the left of things all the time, then OCD as well. However if you have had all these symptoms since you were young, im sure a doctor or teacher at school would have picked up on it and you would have been diagnosed. I dont think you show all these signs perhaps a few and its most likely you have adhd, i rather think you have been comparing yourself to the person with AS and have automatically assumed you show the same symptoms and you have been looking it up and assumed you show more symptoms. Dont get me wrong, i dont think your lying and its possible you have AS or ADHD, its just really unlikely to show all these symptoms without people picking up on it. My advice would be ask the people who know you best and ask their opinions, then go to your doctor.
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replied December 12th, 2013
Another possible reason your apparent symptoms seem as bad as it is, could be you're not getting enough sleep or possibly a balanced diet. Try those if you can,sometimes having just a little bit better things can have a world of a diffrecne, and no matter what keep fighting
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