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aspartame poisoning and cancer??

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u know how in diet things, for example diet pop, that they use aspartame in it as a sweetner instard of suger?? well in february i was diagnosed with tachycardia and aspartame poisoning. I went off some things which include aspartame, but not all (i kept my diet pop) . (i had alot od diet things because i have anorexia.)now i have been diagnosed with ALL leukemia and do you think that the aspartame caused my cancer?
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replied February 24th, 2009
Abdominal Pains Increasing Till Now!
47 Male. Overweight, Non-Smoker, up to a 1/2 gallon of diet coke a day. Pains have come and gone last 5 years. Thinking gerd, but no burps with bad taste. The pains do seem gas related, but no bad taste or belching. No energy, stiff to walk, had ruptured appendix 1 year ago, still have pains at different points of my stomach. Ceased all diet coke completely. Also included the honey/acv vinegar cure-all.Felt absolutely no pain all day! Have increased water intake to a 64 oz a day. Next step, an effective cleanse for my body, any suggestions?
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