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I'm a bit bored and reading through some of the threads here hurts my soul (some good advice mind you, but some is absolutely atrocious).

I'm a 22 year old college student and I do fitness modeling part time. I've been a forum member for quite a while, so this is obviously not my usual account. I'm a personal trainer, though that counts for little these days. I'm also a sports nutritionist and have managed a supplement store when I'm on breaks and work as a consultant while I'm at school. I started training when I was 18 and weighed 122 pounds at 5'10. I've been as heavy as 195 before I suffered a back injury from a non-gym related accident. I generally hover around 160-175 these days with between 8-12% bodyfat. I've been as low as 5-6, but certainly feel better in the 8+ range.

I'll try to answer any short questions about diet, nutrition, supplements, or general health, though I can't promise to know everything. I like the basics because they've worked before and they still do (training, nutrition, and supplements). Anyone asking for an entire routine will get the standard "big 6" answer (squat, deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, dips, and military press). And as for nutrition, I am an advocate of 5-7 small meals per day. I also believe in carb cycling and proper carbohydrate timing in line with insulin sensitivity.
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replied June 9th, 2009
Hi! Its good to know there are people who know what they are talking about on here! im 19, eat well but just cant seem to stick to an exercise program. im 5'6 and about 123 pounds but have a 'soft' shape. do you have any tips for toning the body for someone that just cant get motivated? i also work long hours so i have little time to fit too much in. thanks!
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