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ASCUS with inflamed and red cervix

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I went to the doctor 6 mnths. ago and was diagnosed with ASCUS. I went back for a repeat pap smear the other day and the doc. said my cervix was red and inflamed. Why would it still be red and inflamed from 6 mnths ago.? I have also been in a relationship for 4 yrs. and have been tested for just about every std. and everything has been neg.
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replied April 24th, 2011

I went to the doctors about 3 years ago and she 'mentioned' that i was inflamed, but never said anything more about it. A couple of weeks ago i went back to the doctors because i was bleeding after sex, and she also said that my cervix was inflamed and referred me to the colposcopy clinic. Everything came back normal, but my cervix needs cauterising to stop the bleeding/inflamation. it makes me wonder that i had that same problem 3 years ago but they didnt want to do anything about it. All my biopsies and smear came back fine, so must just be one of those random things that happen for no real reason - i've been married for years and definately have no STI's either.
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