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ARV's and weight gain

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Hi good people when I was diagnosed with hiv I was a size 32 I later came down with anemia and shingles and I was size 28 ...days went by in 2004 I had tb, pcp pnemonia and a cd4 count of 3 my world was falling apart I started reviewing my will and started preparing for my burial thank God now I am size 42 and I am very healthy my only problem is I have picked up a lot of weight and no matter what I try I cant loose it ...has someone experianced this and what what your it arv's or is it just my metabolism ...pls share your views.

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replied March 26th, 2008
Community Volunteer
You are blessed, the weight gain could be the meds or the fat deposits that some people me, I have skinny legs and a fat tummy....Sad
But like Mson says, it isn't a big worry, if you kept losing then that would be bad but having some extra weight is OK. You also have to keep in mind that as HIV/AIDS folks, we are living longer and getting older and fatter like everyone else!!!! Dont worry about it, that is my suggestion..
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replied December 15th, 2011
Thanks God that u recovered well from all those opportunistic infections. The issue of weight gain might be due to meds or poor dietary intake. Make sure that you follow healthy eating guidelines, limit your fat intake especially saturated fat and also check the amount of carbohydrate you are consuming. I will also advise you to engage in physical activity at least 3-4x/week or more. All these is for prevention of diseases of lifestyle hypertension, heart problems, type 2 diabetes and others that can be the result of being overweight. We still want you to have quality life. one chronic disease is enough. I hope this will assist.
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