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Artificial or real insemination ?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant and we finally did it. On October 29th we did artificial insemination, but then I had a period from November 9th-13th, seemed like a normal period, so I assumed the insem didn't take. My husband and I kept trying using ovulation predictors and had sex on November 23rd. I didn't get a positive test until Dec 10th. The Dr's office went by my last missed period and determined I am approximately 22 weeks now. The measurements say I'm only about 20 1/2 weeks. So, all this said, you can see why I am so confused. I am wondering now, could I be any further along? Was it the artificial insem or the real thing? If it were the artificial insem that would make me about 26 weeks. Is it possible for the baby to just be small? Please serious answers only! Thank you!
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