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Arthroscopy with lateral release

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I just had arthroscopy with lateral release done on my left knee one week ago today, on February 16, and am starting to get frustrated with my recovery rate. I was led to believe that the surgery was a lot less severe than it actually seems to be. I was able to lose the crutches on Saturday, but it is still very difficult and painful getting around. I have read many horror stories about this procedure and about people being in pain still years later, and I am very worried. I am only 23 years old, and I would like to be able to run again some day. Has anyone else had this done, and what was recovery like, both in the short term and long term? I'd like to have an idea of when/if I will be able to run again, but right now I'd really just like to know when I'll be able to walk normally. Also, after the surgery I was told that my knee has already worn down all the cartilage. Since cartilage doesn't grow back, does that mean that there is no chance of full recovery???
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replied April 23rd, 2010
left knee op gone wrong in uk
i had this done in set 2008 now April 2010, i had suffered very badly and have no cartilage left, i used t oswime and use the gum, i was told like you where in uk by a doc on the nhs in a london hosptail, yet i had many falls soon after, ended up in my own area hospatil now on strong pain tablets and moved so i could have low level acess and no staris and now a wheel chair users but nhs, area wheel chair serivce failed to loan me one thats is elec or powred, and cant use it outdoors, still wating for carer and have equitment , in home to hep, but daily living is a nightmare, and trying to get help to get food shopping too, my area in uk is cutting but in helpping and my gp, will not push so i can have an mri scan or ct scan of my leg knee foot, as i was run over on this area, and now made me worse, and yet trying ti get aprovel for a second consultant to look at what other areas are open to me, is banging my head against a wall, My rights in uk as a nhs paitnet , now i need these test to see why i got worse, and even more so since the op and so this may aid my gp to make sure other support serivce are in place to help me live life, at present i am left and gotgotten about,
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