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arterial waveforms in both ovaries, endometrial stripe

I had a pelvic ultrasound done for severe pain in my ovaries. I know I have endometriosis so I did not expect anything to be found when they did the sono since it cannot be seen on imaging tests, but I had a question about the results of it. It says "free fluid in the cul de sac" "patent arterial waveforms are seen within both ovaries" and "endometrial stripe measures 16 mm in thickness. Please correlate clinically amd consider short interval follow-up pelvic ultrasound to reevaulate the regions." They did not mention anything to me about this when I was in the hospital. They just told me I had several cysts, but nothing big, gave me morphine for the pain and sent me home so I was wondering what those other things mentioned on the report meant.
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