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I just started doing some art at night; not as part of any class or instruction by a therapist, but I began drawing and doing watercolors. I've never really done any artwork before, so this is all new to me. I'm sticking to the abstract stuff for now since I can't really draw much.

Anyone else play around with this? Is there a method to doing art therapy or is it pretty much just putting whatever you feel onto paper/canvas?
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replied December 2nd, 2008
I can't even draw a decent sick figure! Wink

My "artistic" side is usually poetry or literature. I also like writing down thoughts and musings in a diary. I'm been published in minor publications....I do it for fun and release and it's not a money maker or a job by any means.

I've found that since taking my medication, I'm a lot less "artsy" rational thought processes are the same (improved even...) but my art side is not what it used to be. Have you felt that as well?

I've heard of some people expressing themselves through art and taking a form of "art therapy". I don't know if this works...but even if it's not "therapy" I think just putting your feelings out there can have a soothing effect.
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