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Arousal won't stop

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Yesterday I got very aroused for no reason (I was walking/cleaning the house) and had my first orgasm. Now I can't get the arousal to go away! I can't sleep, it just keeps throbbing and is getting very painful. Please, please help me! I have endometriosis if that could cause any issue. I am super scared and embarrassed. I have taken Tylenol PM to try and sleep, but it isnt working. I am also on Claritin-D and have been up for 24 hours (dealing with this MOST of the time). Any suggestions/help?
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replied June 3rd, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Sylesa, The best is to talk to your doctor.

A few questions:
* Did you have a spontaneous orgasm or did you masturbate?
* If you masturbated, did you use something to masturbate with?
* By arousal, do you mean swollen up and wet?
* Is everything still stuck in the 'on' position - clitoris, labia and vagina?
* Do/did you have any weird looking/smelling discharge?
* How are you trying to 'deal' with it?
* Are you taking anything for your endo?

It can be some infection causing it, your endo, an allergy or something more serious. So make an appointment with your doctor. I can guarantee you that will not the most embarrassing thing they deal with today.

Make sure you washed your vulva, between the folds and under your clitoris hood with normal clean water and removed all smegma (white mixture of dead skin cells and skin oil). Put some ice on your genitals (wrapped in a cloth of course - watch out for frost bite). Do not wear panties and see your doctor.

Best of luck!
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replied June 3rd, 2010
Hey Susan, thanks for the reply! I was freaking out because it was three or so in the morning and no one was around to help. I tend to panic, especially when I have insomnia. I called my doctor and am waiting for a call back. I shall answer the questions anyway:
*I masturbated, but only by rubbing with my hand. Not inserting anything.
*Yes, early this morning and last night it was both, but today it is just the vagina that is swollen. No longer wet.
*As of this morning, nothing is stuck in the 'on' position, but when I wrote the initial piece it all was.
*I have normal discharge, doesn't smell any different than usual.
*I was taking Tylenol PM to try to sleep, which didn't work - I haven't slept in 32 hours, but this happens to me sometimes. I also was not wearing any panties because it was causing me to be uncomfortable. I tried ice, but it just hurt more. I might try it again today to see if it takes the edge off the remaining throbbing.
*Currently I am only on Tramedol (painkillers). My doctor has not decided the next treatment plan, I was taken off Lupron a month ago due to severe side effects.

Unfortunately, my endo acted up horrendously this morning so I am wrapped in heating packs and on painkillers. But, for the original issue, I am feeling a bit better. It is still difficult to urinate and there is a burning pain with some swelling at the vagina. (Not a UTI though, I know what that feels like.) I am wondering if I might have a yeast infection since I was recently also on Amoxicillian for a month and was warned that could be a side effect. I haven't had one of those before.
Thank you again for your reply! Hopefully this gets all cleared up soon.
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replied June 3rd, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Sylesa, it can definitely be an infection like yeast. Yeast infection will however have a chunky white cottage cheese like discharge. It can even a fungal infection.

Ice will make you very uncomfortable for a while. Remember that the area was swollen and hot. After a while it should however be soothing and help with the swelling.

At least you experienced your first orgasm giggle. Now you know that the secret to having an orgasm is getting very aroused first.

I hope you and your doctor can get your endo under control soon.

Take care.
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replied January 18th, 2016
I know this is an old post, but in case anyone comes acrossed it, look up Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
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