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arms tingling inside

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ok from time to time when i sleep i get woken early hours of the mornign with a tingleing sensation like electric shoks in the top part of my muscles in my arm right arm one time it can be the right arm another timeth eleft but mainly the right when i rub it seems to heal the pain the tingleing but as soon as i stop its like it comes back with in a second with a vengence tingleing even more and more unbareable i have been to my dr but he just gave me alligy tablets wich did nothing i went back again and he gave me a tube of creme called capsaicin after five to ten minutes this creme seems to stop the tingleing,i have been on line and looked up what th ecream treats and its gave me alot of symptoms so i am still none the wiser,i would appreciate any thing u have to add to my problem thanks julie,the tingleing sensation feels like a load of maggots crawling in side like i say when i rub it stops but soon as i stop rubbing wow it gets so intense
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replied August 26th, 2009
Welcome to the forum honey..I am sorry I just saw this post..I am not a doctor but have alot of issues and this happens to be one of them..I think you need to be seen by a Neurologist or a orthopedic..I have alot of neuropathy and in my left arm like you I feel this weird sensation in my arm..I know that mine is partly from a rotator cuff tare (from a fall) that I have to get fixed and from a bulging disc in my back..I wonder if you could have carpal tunnel-this can cause some neuropathy as well..Capision is for neuraliga type pain and I have a big tube of this myself..It hasn't worked any for me and hope it does for you..

You can also ask your doctor for--Lidocaine patches this helps with numbing the area you have the worst sensation in and it does help some..

Hope all goes well honey..
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