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Armpit lump and have not been feeling well

Well, I am 34 years and have not been feeling well over the course of the past year. I went the Doctors had blood work done and have had elevated calcium levels (4 times) each time consistently increasing 11.0 being the highest. My doc referred me to an Endo who said that i have a goiter and most likely hyperparathyroidism, she referred me to a Surgeon. Waiting on there call for further scanning to identify the tumor or tumors in my neck. In the meantime, I have developed a lump in my right armpit which i am really worried about. It is small, not perfectly round, and doesn't hurt. I have done some research and read a little bit about calcium deposits caused by elevated calcium levels. Could this be the case? I've also read that this could be a sign of breast cancer. I haven't called my doctor because i was hoping maybe this had to do with the hyperparathyroid disease. Any thoughts? Should i be concerned? Should i call my doctor? My primary doctor or the Endocronoligist?
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replied July 12th, 2011
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Call the endocrinologist and ask if you should come in or have extra scans. Like your research said, it might be calcium deposits from the hyperparathyroidism, but that might be information the doctor needs to know. She also might want to to get a scan or biopsy to be on the safe side. You'll feel better once you know the doctor knows about it.
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