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Arm pain and swelling

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Went to the doctor a week ago with severe pain in right arm. The pain is from my shoulder to elbow to wrist to hand with swelling. I am paining under my arm, all around upper arm and forearm. Paining around my elbow with swelling at the bend of my elbow on inside. Dr did ultasound of wrist and said it was tensynovitis(SP?) and gave me anti-inflammatory and put me in a soft wrist cast for 1 week. TOld me it would be well by then. It has been a week and 3 days and the pain and swelling are gwtting worse. Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this?? Any help would be much appreciated.
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replied April 28th, 2009
You could have chronic regional pain syndrome. It is nerve damage. I have it and it causes all of those symptoms.
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replied March 4th, 2013
pain in left hand and shoulder
Hello, my mother had a transmitted pain in left hand and shoulder since 3 months ago. She visited different doctors and she did various tests such as thyroid, hepatic tests and other blood tests and electrocardiogram but the doctors didn't find any evidence. One of the doctors said it probably connected to muscle spasm in left shoulder and arm and he prescribed 20 capsules of celecoxib but my mother ate those and she didn't relieve her pain. Whilst she sends a mass near the joint of left arm. Can you help me about it? Thank you.
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