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arm hurts and fingers going numb why?

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i hurt from my shoulder all the way to my hands and my finger go numb. this happens all the time day or night. it is getting really bad painful. what is wrong?
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replied August 19th, 2011
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you may just be pinching a nerve in your cervical spine area, usually if a nerve is pinched just right it tends to make that feeling in the arm and all the way to fingers being numb. You may want to go to a chiropractor and have an x-ray done to see if maybe there is a possibility that you are pinching a nerve or have a slipped disk. Then also have them do an adjustment to your spine and in a few days you should feel better if the problem persists then go to a Dr and have them do a MRI

Hope this helps Good Luck! Smile
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replied December 20th, 2012
You have exactly the same symptoms I had a few years ago. When the pain increased and became severe, I went to see the specialists. Upon MRI, it turned out to be a case of Herniated disc in Cervical column of Spine (C5-C6). I had to under a long bout of Physiotherapy to come back to narmalcy. However, I am forced to take certain preacutions with posture, movement and activities. Don;t worry, it is not life-threatening but it can be nagging. With little care, you will be OK.
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