Hello! I have been suffering from chronic off and on hand/arm pain for about 6 years. I am 34 years old and a stay-at-home mom. The pain I speak of started back again, about 6 years ago, we where in the middle of moving so I was doing a lot with my hands (painting/packing etc) but nothing out of the norm. After we have moved in, a couple nights later, I was washing the dishes and as I grabbed a cup to place in the dishwasher, as I gripped the glass, I had shooting pain that came out of no where in my right hand.. to the point I started crying it was so bad. It just appeared that night out of the blue (no other symptoms, went from normal to shooting pain). That same night when we went to eat dinner, I was unable able to hold a fork. I waited several days in this amount of pain but it was not going away with ice/heat or medicine. So I went to my GP whom then sent me right to a physical therapist. They looked me over, did all sorts of tests, and decided that I had upset all four sets of my nerves in both hands (by this time, I had the exact same pain symptoms in my left hand just not as bad). I did the exercises and worked on my posture (I have bad posture and very loose ligaments etc). I ended with physical therapy feeling better although I had to wear full sized arm braces on both my hands for a month (that's hard to do when you are a stay-at-home mom). Fast forward to 2017 and in between those years I had the pain "come and go". November of 2017 I honestly can not think what I did to set it off (maybe too much on the computer?) but I had such a bad episode of my hand pains that I was in a pain level from a 5 to a 10 all day except at night (when I do not have any pain). I had to go in the walk-in for some sort of pain relief (we had just moved and I had not set myself up at that time with a new GP doc). The doctor put me on Gabapentin and for the first time, I had finally found medicine that actually relieved me of my pain. I was at 3x a day at 300mg. I stayed on it for a month and when that month was up, the pain came screaming back and again, I was back on it for yet another month (making it 2 months now on it). Finally, after that last month's worth was gone, the pain in my hands was better as well (this was the longest I had my pain in my hands, usually it can last up to a month at the most until then). I then set myself up with a new GP to finally get some answers. He had me do a nerve test (see if I had carpal tunnel) of which my nerves are perfect, zero damage, nothing wrong at all. He then sent me recently to an ortho doc who took an x-ray of my neck and got an MRI done of which I only have age related arthritis and my nerves are again, perfect! My ortho doctor said their was nothing he could do for me as all the test he did on my arms does not bring on any of the pain at all, so currently, I am awaiting to get set up with a Neurologist. Neither him nor my GP thought of any arthritis in my hands (my joints feel great), I have had my B12 checked and thyroid checked out, all great.

That is the back story in a nut shell, I'll go over next some more detailed info:

I have numbness, achy pain, tingles, nerve type pain (a lot of my pain feels like carpal tunnel but it's not carpal), my hands fall asleep very quickly. The pain usually starts in my right hand first (vs my left) and it always starts in my hands, never from my neck down to my arms. Once my right hand starts to hurt, it just a matter of time before my left starts up with the exact same symptoms. As I type this, my left hand is asleep, I have tried to log down what "sets it off" sometimes it's repetitive stuff like too much computer (I used to work on computers ALL the time when I worked and zero issues), or crocheting (which I now limit), but sometimes it can be just set off by nothing. Weather plays no rule, no difference between the seasons. I have nerve like pain but yet my nerves are perfect (what they told me). I can go a year without any problems but ever since Nov of 2017, I have noticed a big increase in my hands being set off and in pain. I also get random loss of control or weakness in my left hand- example was I was driving with my father and as I went to grip the steering wheel with my left hand, I was barely able to grab it with my left hand, I had to really force it but didn't. It was so weird, just hardly any control over it.

What I've tried for the pain:
Ice does not do a thing, it hurts more or I'm more sensitive towards it, heat does help but it only lasts as long as I don't use my hands then pain is back. Tylenol, arthritis, and even 800mg Ibuprofen does not help, only found (so far) Gabapentin helps. Both hands in braces for a full month (I stopped doing this, I gotta get stuff done!)

Some new symptoms I have noticed (could be nothing) is hot skin sensations or warm spots in my hands and now in my left leg (it's random and off and on). I have also noticed that I seem more tired than the usual like getting a full 8 hrs of sleep and all I want to do is nap all day (again can be a million causes for that). My right leg seems to want to fall asleep more as in, laying on my side at night will make it fall asleep when it wasn't an issue before but not always.

I am just confused as to why I have so much pain that acts or feels like carpal tunnel (best way I can describe to you the type of pain) but it's been proven my nerves are fantastic shape. I have started to log my pain and I have a list made up of straight facts/notes about my pain for my neuro doctor (when I see them).
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