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are these tests conclusive enough?

I am from India.I had taken 3 times unprotected oral sex from different sex workers 4 months ago.No insertive sex.On 3rd and 15th October i had again taken unprotected oral sex and unprotected vaginal sex.After my last exposure on 15th October and after one week time ie on 22nd october i had rashes on face sudden weight loss of around 6 kgs.I had dizziness and my shoulder and neck began to pain like anything.It was also coupled with loose motions as well.I was very very afraid as these symptoms were quite unusual to me and all of a sudden these things started happening.

Since then till today i had taken following series of HIV testing:-

1) On 3rd week post last exposure-ELISA test-NON REACTIVE
2)On 5th week post last exposure-ECLIA test-NON REACTIVE
3) On 7th week post last exposure-ECLIA test-NON REACTIVE
4) On 9th week post last exposure-ECLIA test-NON REACTIVE
5) On 11th week post last exposure-ECLIA test-NON REACTIVE
6) On 83rd day post last exposure-ECLIA test-NON REACTIVE
7) On 90 days post last exposure-Tridot test-NEGATIVE
On 14 weeks post last exposure-ECLIA test-NON REACTIVE
9) on 108 days post last exposure -p24 Antigen + Antibody test-values 0.01(Antigen) and 0.04 (Antibodies 1/2) against cut off value 0.25-NON REACTIVE
10)On 120 days post last exposure-ECLIA test NON REACTIV

I dont know much about the HIV tests like ECLIA test and Tridot test.

My questions are :1 Am i safe?Do i need further testing
2 Why testing is recommended till 6 months and who are those people which require testing till six months?

Today is 130th day post last exposure and though neck pain has reduced but dizziness still there.
Moreover there are some red tiny spots on my forehead and behind my ears which makes me worried.I have never experienced fever or flu and no swollen nodes.Some pain below my jaws and in groin area though. i am very very worried and please guide me what to do now?Every passing day is like a living hell for me.Please answer!!!!

Neck pain,dizziness and red/brown spots still there at 130 days mark..

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replied February 25th, 2011
Hello and thank you for posting your medical question on E health Forum.

The risk of HIV transmission when either of the partner is infected, increases with the presence of open bleeding cuts, sores, presence of other STDs.

PLEASE NOTE that HIV is transmitted by any activity where body fluids are exchanged, such as:

• Unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex
• Unhygienic Intravenous drug use
• Poorly sterilized dental and medical equipment
• Unhygienic tattooing
• Unhygienic acupuncture
• Poorly screened blood transfusions
• HIV infected mother to child transmission

The risk of HIV infection is high with unprotected intercourse with partner of unknown HIV status, risky sexual behavior, multiple sexual partners, IV drug use, and association with other STDs.

HIV is diagnosed based on the serological detection in the blood samples. It is not diagnosed on the basis of nonspecific signs and symptoms.

Your symptoms of red rashes, stiff neck, etc are very nonspecific and are not diagnostic of HIV infection.

A person after exposure to HIV can get tested as early as 4 weeks to 12 weeks with the ELISA for HIV antibody test. 90% of normal individuals who have HIV exposure, will seroconvert within 4-6 weeks. The sensitivity of the ELISA test is 99.9%.

In your case there was no need to repeat the ELISA tests at such short intervals and so many times. A single test at 4 weeks post exposure would have been sufficient. If that test was negative you should have stopped testing further. The statement that you need to test for 6 months post exposure is incorrect and has been misunderstood by you.

Since repeated ELISA tests again and again have been negative, you need not worry at all. You do not have HIV infection, and those tests are CONCLUSIVE proof of your HIV negative status.

You do not need further testing, anymore. There is no risk of infection to anyone.

Any repetition of tests will definitely be negative at this point.

If you still have doubts, you might consider to consult with your doctor who can provide reassurance and also can clear all your doubts that you may have.

I hope this helps

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replied March 7th, 2011
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yes. i don't know why some people refer six month post exposure. i called to helplines in india all are confirmed that three month mark test is enough. and i've consulted two MDs also they commented three month rapid tests are enough. they told me six month test is outdated information. now these days all labs are running fourth generation tests. they will find also very few amount of antibodies. so don't bother six month mark. u've conclusive results. from now don't think about any tests and about hiv. go on ur life. congrats to ur result. have a great life.
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replied May 16th, 2011
I had oral sex and unprotected vaginal sex with 3 second after which i remove my emediatly when i remembered im lack of condom,in the same day i attended gym where i develop fatigue,tire and muscle pain and fever and rushes in my face.after that i had and elisa test in 50days and after 2 month post exposur which came buck NEGATIVE do i have to reley on this test,no i have not ejected sperm with her vagin and i dont know her hiv status,please iam much stressed and anxious please respond thanks?
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replied May 16th, 2011
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your test is conclusive. you don't need any test again. don't have to be stress.
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replied May 21st, 2011
Sir i have swolen gland in my neck region and iam also fearing that my last test, they had used me unstrilized need in the lab,since all the people who caming there are hiv postive or neg so iam susbecting they infect me even though it seemed modern lab,sir iam in kenya is that posible,if nt hw posible can i be infected few second inserting penis to vagina who is unknwn her status the i hvnt ejected sperm.and nowaday iam experiancing body itching,stiff neck and gassy my weight is normal,sir i wana do my final elisa in 13 week.plz advice me iam lil a bit wory! Thanks
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replied May 21st, 2011
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at everywhere in lab now a days using new needles to everyone, you are totally misunderstood. an elisa or a treditional antibody test at three month mark is enough. in ur case there was no repeated test is needed,
for the single unprotected explosure the chances of getting infect is 0.02% only.
i hope this helps.
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replied February 27th, 2013
I have encounterd on October 20th 2012 and I have taken test once once Dec 25th and Feb 11th 2013, My condom broke down at the last minute me and my partner has taken ELISA test after 3 months both tests came negative , Can I continue my normal life and can I carry on with my wife. f
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replied May 31st, 2016
Am I HIV infected?
My last unprotected sex- 8th December, 2015. I tested WB (western blot) on 12th April, 2016. Result was INDETERMINATE NEGATIVE (Viral Band presents but doesn't meet the criteria to be POSITIVE). This result put me in tensions. I re-tested ELISA testing on 27th April, 2016. Result- NEGATIVE. But, I am still worried coz I have lost my weight, suffering from regular fart/ flatulence and gassing; my nose get block at bed time; have many other unusual and never-seen-before physical problems that I had never experienced. Am I infected? Please help, I am dying each minute.
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