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Are these symptoms a related to a disease or anxiety?

Hello everyone , I'm a 21 year old guy and for the first time In my life I am very ill and I can't seem to find what is the cause for all my symptoms . It all started 6 months ago when I had two big changes in my lifestyle : I quit smoking with a drug called champix and I started to work out . I can't really remember if the symptoms started while I was taking the drug or after I quit it and started smoking again . But the very first symptoms showed up after I ate something . Bloating , a sense of off balance that came in waves and 1 or 2 heart palpitations. I ignored it and eventually it got worse and worse from full blown fainting waves while taking a walk or sudden severe ringing in one ear up to one night when I could feel my heartbeat rocking my whole body while resting in my bed . I got up , took my blood pressure and heart rate and at that point I felt a pause in my heartbeat and that made me have a panic attack . I went to the er , everything was normal , the doctor said I was a bit tachycardic and she said I should try to take some magnesium. I convinded my parents that this has gone on for too long and we started doing tests. Ct scans , thyroid , holter monitor and eventually I managed to catch on the holter another problem I had for years and years ( some minor supraventricular tachycardia episodes ) . But now the doctor had the data he needed and I had an ablation for it . After the ablation the doctor told me that after all the tests they did to the heart they couldn't find anything else related to my ''x '' disease . and the only thing that was obviously there was the svt that got treated. The clock was ticking because I was going to university and the only ''relevant '' things that showed up where : A slightly lower calcium level , sinusitis with a minor otitis and sinus respiratory arrhythmia . So my father ( he is a doctor ) said that after all these tests he is convinced that it's anxiety because I afraid to go and start studying . In that moment everything went to hell , because my symptoms got worse and worse , even if I tried to accept it's anxiety and did therapy and took medications .
The therapy was a waste of time because the so called anxiety was just my normal reaction of being worried of the severe symptoms and as long as I had those symptoms , I was worried . And even then my father started to think that I'm making everything up and started to ignore me completely .
I managed to survive 3 months at uni but now I am a total mess . My heart rate goes up to 130-150 just by standing up , constantly feeling my heartbeat and when it drops under 80 bpm that slightly delayed beat appears after 10 normal beats , sharp chest pain constant bloating ,reflux , digestion problems , muscle spasms , vertigo, ringing in ears and a feeling like I'm sinking into quicksand while standing , lightheadedness , muscle tension , hyperventilation , lack of breath and general weakness . I convinced them again and managed to do a stress test . The doctor didn't manage to bring my heart rate up to 200 because at 180 I nearly collapsed . She told me that I'm just out of shape and that I didn't have a single pac or pvc .
Went to the gastro . The only lead I have is from there because he was the first doctor who took in account all the symptoms and he gave me a drug that calms the vagus nerve . He said that it might be related to that or in worst case scenario a hiatal hernia .
So , does anyone have any idea what might cause all these symptoms ? I've been taking that vagus nerve drug and stopped taking beta blockers . I admit the only difference is that my resting heart rate is now around 85-80 not 100-90 like it was before (kinda the same effect I had while taking the beta blockers) but the other symptoms like the palpitations , digestion , vertigo , tinitus are just getting worse and worse . My heart is perfectly fine and I did EVERY test on it , brain is tumor free , no stds , no hyperthyroidism , no leads what so ever, but these symptoms aren't random they get worse after I eat , after I get up , I can repeat them and they seem pretty biological to me ..... Is this JUST anxiety?
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replied January 5th, 2015
My husband recently quit smoking about 5 months ago and he experiences the intense nausea, lightheaded and weakness after he eats something, we aren't sure if its nicotine withdrwal or the body re adjusting to being smoke free(he was a heavy smoker for 25 years). He is making a doc appointment to figure it all out. Also have you gotten your gallbladder checked out for problems??? You can get racing heart, nausea, and indigestion from this as well. Not sure though these are just some thoughts. Good luck.
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