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Are these signs of potentially developing schizophrenia?


I'm 24, male. For the past 6-7 months I've been experiencing sort of like "tics" in my thinking. My line of thought keeps getting interrupted by a couple of quick associations that are very random, and then it resumes. It's not external, it's in my inner voice but sometimes the thoughts are so random and unrelated that they feel foreign and that worries me. Usually it's just a bunch of phrases or words I once heard. Sometimes when I try to concentrate my mind becomes a mess of random words and I can't focus, which is bothering but I can get over it. My main concern is that this is an early sign of developing schizo.

Please let me know if this is really an early sign or if I'm just being extremely hypochondriac and if so, provide a correct diagnose.

Many thanks :)

A few other things I should add that might help:
My family has no history of schizophrenia that I know of. I've never been diagnosed with anything major but I have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past.

I've experienced a couple of times auditory hallucinations right before going to sleep. It's that thing where when you're extremely tired and you keep your mind conscious while your body is already falling asleep, so I know what auditory hallucinations feel like and what I have now is nothing like that.

I had been smoking cannabis for a year and a half prior (very seldom, less than 10 times), but never had any negative experience with it. I had quit smoking for almost half a year when I started having the random associations. I find that cannabis now cancels all those random thoughts and helps me focus again.
Around the time I first started having the random thoughts, I also started work, barely got any sleep and drank way too much caffeine. I thought it was caffeine / sleep deprivation induced but improving my sleep and reducing caffeine intake hasn't helped.

Around that time I took care of a stray kitten for a while. Could it be I was infected by toxaplasma gondii and that's causing it?
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replied May 1st, 2012
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Could be, we are known for a bit of word salad and mixed up thoughts.

Unfortunately, sometimes Im spot on and it looks exactly the same. Somebody will say something like "I enjoy a good machiatto." And then I will say something that apparently sounds completely random to them, Ill say to that "I don't appreciate slavery. And unfair wages."

They'll say, "oh, he is just being crazy." But where do they think that the coffee comes from exactly?

Yes Im afraid when the picture becomes broader and you know more about our situation you won't make any sense to anyone, because they don't know anything. Only television and facebook and shopping and arguing.

It's very strange down here.

Not to mention things like this, intentions, when you understand intentions and everything that goes with it you will sound as if you were speaking a different language. You will do things like say ahead of time what people will do, at the time of saying it you seem to make absolutely no sense at all.

The smart ones look dumb and crazy to the dumb ones who look sane and intelligent, but they only dig, dig way down.
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replied May 1st, 2012
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Try and study the seemingly random thoughts.

Perhaps they aren't so random or salady, perhaps try and discover the reasons behind them as well.
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