So let me start from the beginning. So a month ago I was at a party and a girl gave me head. I'm a virgin and technically still a virgin since I haven't had penile and vaginal sex yet. So the next day my balls smelled but this is normal. Even before I had head there were days when my balls smelled. So the day after I had head and my balls smelled. I went through my bad and found anti persistent deodorant and put it around my penis and balls. The same day I had burning sensation and my pee was dark yellow. It was really bad and it sucked. Although the following day all those symptoms vanished completely and I felt much better. So I'm pretty sure that was just the deodorant and not an std. The same day I started noticing couple of pimples on my penile shaft. In couple days my pimples grew and they don't hurt, or itch and I feel no irritation at all. There small and just look like normal small pimples. Two weeks later from that incident so almost a month later after I got my head. I started feeling discomfort around my penis. I didn't itch, it didn't hurt but on the head of my penis one part of it was hurting if I touched it. So the two days when I wore shorts it didn't hurt but it didn't feel normal as well. After couple of days I felt a lot better and that feeling was almost gone. The same day I started noticing white warts on my head of my penis. At first they were extremely small and you literally had to use a microscope to see them but almost a week in I could notice them without looking closely at my head. Keep in mind there still pretty small and at most times its hard to notice them at all. So I'm not sure if this is a sign of an STD or just some reaction to the deodorant. I got tested for Gonnerea and Chylamedia and should be getting my results back soon.

This is a time frame of all the stuff that happened. I'm just hoping this helps out.
September 16 2015- Got head from a chick
September 17- Balls smelled so I put deodorant on it same day I had burning feeling on my penis
September 18- Burning feeling is completely gone and I feel much better
September 21- Started noticing some pimples on my shaft and in couple of days they got bigger but like I said before they don't itch and don't hurt at all
October 10- Discomfort around my penis but it didn't itch and I didn't feel any pain.
October 11- Noticed small pimples / warts on my head of penis. There extremely small and you literally need a microscope to see it.
October 15 (Today)- My discomfort is almost completely gone. I think I still feel some discomfort but that's more than likely just in my head. Also I noticed one pimple/wart on my head of penis but its still completely small. I still have to look closely but not as much as before.
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replied October 17th, 2015
Applying deodorant to your groin could cause irritations to that area. My concern is the pimple part unless you shaved or something I don't see why pimple like bumps would appear but I'm glad you got tested for chlaymidia and gonorhea that was a smart decision. I hope everything is going well for you now and NO MORE DEODORANT SPRAYS IN THE GENITAL AREA EVER!
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