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are these side effects going to last forever?

Ok so I tried to commit suicide last August and I believe it was because I was on the anti depressant zoloft. I attempted with zoloft 50 MG-about 40 pills and Celexa 40 mg- about 12. Along with about 8 diphenhydramine tablets (over the counter sleeping pills) ever since I've felt a bit off.. I'll forget what I was doing. My memory feels somewhat cloudy and my actinvite level has definitely decreased as well. Sometimes I'll lay in bed and drift off. And during the day sometimes it just feels like I'm not all there. Is something wrong with me?? Or are these side effects going to last forever?PT is a 19 Y/O male 158Lbs
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replied March 27th, 2016
“I think you need to see your doctor" but the symptoms is not going to there forever, just be conscious on what you do.
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