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Are there more than one forms of Dyslexia

Dear Doctors

The following question has been bugging me for years and I tried to identify sources where I could find information about what happened, but nothing seems to quite fit the bill.

When I was younger it was very easy for me to handle numbers and I developed rather advanced numerical and mathematical skills. I recall solving complex calculations especially multiplications and divisions between several numbers with numerous decimals. when my mum would invite people over for dinner, they would ask me to solve multiplications in my head while they used a calculator to check the result. It never took me longer than a few split seconds to come up with the right response.

When I turned 9 or 10 years old something started to happen. I lost my numeric abilities, started mixing up 'b's with 'd's when I was doing my homework, divided when i was supposed to multiply etc. I was diagnosed with dyslexia but it was poorly understood at the time, the doctors weren't sure and didn't order any learning support. My spelling gradually improved (although its still not great), I am now speaking several languages fluently and I am successful in my career. The only thing that never came back was my memory for names (I need to hear a person's name at least 10 times before I can remember it) and my mathematical skills. I tried to understand what happened and read about dyslexia, but it doesn't seem to quite fit as I am mostly ok now (don't have any severe symptoms) . Could you point me in the right direction? I would love to work towards getting my numbers brain back again.
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This post has been removed because it did not meet our Community Guidelines.