Sir I had an exposure with a call girl before six months. I had several negitive tridot tests up to 4months.
At 4 month 10 days my tridot came back slightly reactive on HIV 2 side
I was tensed and had another tridot on next day it is non reactive
At five months I went for HIV Elisa in Tyrocare it's non reactive 0.03
At 5months20days I went for HIV duo through cmia it came back non reactive 0.10
At 5month 25days I went for westren blot it came back non reactive .
Sir I am afraid of the test which is faintly reactive on tridot at 4months
My wife is having recurrent fungal nail infections she also non reactive by tridot at six months from exposure
if my tridot is positive it must also be positive on Elisa and duo which I took them after 40days after tridot which showed faintly reactive
Plz guide me
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