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Are my hair loss/acne/bowel trouble/anxiety connected?

A summary of my medical history:

At a young age I started having vaginal yeast infection and bladder infections. By the time I was 11 I got my first menstruation. It got really bad; I would bleed so much, I would bleed through a night pad in an hour and a half. At times I could menstruate on 3 separate occasions per month. By the time I was 13 my doctor prescribed microgynon 20 (birth control). In 4 years I went from 20 to 40 because I would bleed through the pill. At this time my hair started falling out. I battled with mood swings and got diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD. I also had severe bowel issues; at 15 I didn’t have a bowel movement for 2 weeks and got hospitalized.

At 16 I switched from the microgynon to the Dianette. My hair loss stabilized and my skin had always looked great. However, I gained a lot of weight AND I was constantly feeling down and moody. At 19 I decided to switch from the dianette to a IUD. A few months later my hair started falling out and I got acne/rash in my face, my chest and my shoulders. I switched back to the dianette and used that until my 22nd. At 21 I got diagnosed with the beginning stages of adenocarcinoma in my cervix. I had surgery (conization and 2 curretages) 3 times. Right now I’m in the clear.

During all this time I would still regularly have yeast infections and bladder infections. And I would suffer from insomnia and depression.

At 23 I decided to stop taking birth control. Again, 2/3 months after I got really bad acne/rosacea and I lost a good amount of hair. The extreme depression and insomnia got less but the mood swings (extremely happy vs extremely down) came back. Also I started feeling a lot of numbness and pain in my legs during menstruation and feeling extremely cold in the extremities of my body.

I’ve tried all kinds of diets and supplements to feel better and heal my body but nothing seems to help. Every time my doctor tests my blood everything seems to be okay. I got tested for my thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, I got my hormones checked, tested regularly on stds - every single test turned out to be fine. But the issues persist.

In the past year I have taken antibiotics for about 5 times due to different issues (mostly UTI’s). My hair is still very thin and dry, my skin issues persist, I have gained weight (within a healthy range), I’m often tired and can’t sleep at night, I feel cold most of the time, and I feel bloated. More recently I started having very sticky bowel movements.

Could all of these issues be related?
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