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Are Face Lift Dentures the right choice? Need immediate advice!

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After suffering for years with dentures that I had out grow I finally found a dentist that would replace them on a sliding scale. The total cost was 2000. Unfortunately I am not satisfied with them. My upper dentures are not visible unless I smile big and due to gum and bone loss over the years My face is sinking in creating an old wrinkeled man look. My new dentures make me look 10 years older. After expressing these concerns (along with others that I won't get into) to my dentist he offered a full refund. I am now thinking of getting Face Lift Dentures which will allegedly resolve my sinking in face issue. My concern is that they are MUCH more expensive. 10.000 If I make this decision it would take years for me to pay it off because my only income is SSI that I receive for depression. It would be a huge sacrifice that I would be willing to make for the sake of having a decent smile. My concern is will I be happy with the face lift dentures. Will they look as I expect them to look? I went for a consultation with a dentist that does this kind of denture. He claims that he can restore my teeth and bite to look like I did in my 20's. Is that true? This is such a huge decision that I have to make VERY soon. Are face lift dentures worth it? I would hate to discover that I payed an extra 8 thousand for a minor improvement on the (2000) dentures I have now. Any advice on this daunting decision would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. C.
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replied April 19th, 2017
These dentures, designed to fit partially on the muscles, give patients a more stable fit and better appearance than traditional dentures and provide the greatest facial support that prevents the sagging facial appearance that is associated with traditional dentures.
When dentures are designed using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, the focus is on achieving and maintaining the optimum muscle relaxation and function. When dealing with dentures, this is very important because it relates directly to the fit and the appearance of the dentures. If the ideal jaw position is achieved, a patient automatically achieves a better fit. A dentist will also seek to build the bite at the position where the patient will achieve the best function. This will coincide with the position that provides the greatest facial support. The happy result is that the dentures that function best will also look the best! If you’ve seen people who have a “sunken in” look around their mouths, even if they are wearing their dentures, the appliances haven’t been made to the ideal neuromuscular measurements. The process averages two to four visits and is more expensive than the economy version, but the higher level of function and the superior appearance make the investment more than worth it!
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