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im 29 yrs old and i got blighted ovem in nov 2011 due to that i got abortion from then till now i dint get my periods is it normal its been 4 months. im very eagrly waiting to get pregnant again when i get my periods doc gave evidol and meprate tablets. now im using meprate tablets 10days coursed whn can i get periods during use of meprate tablet please ans meim very worried about children..i used EVADIOL composition estradiol valerate USP 2mg from day 1 to 25,after using these tablets i got slightly brown discharge for 1 day again bleeding stopped. now im using meprate composition medroxyprogestron as u suggestd from day 16 to 25.. after how many days the periods will come after stopping these tablets.. if periods not come then is it necessary to do hysteroscopy? does it painful..im so much worried about my health condition.. why this Asherman syndrome developes.. is this mistake of doctors by incomplete abortion? im very afraid of surgeries.. when they conducted D&C it was very painful.. is it very big problem? if once they ll do hysterscopy again will it come? i cant i get pregnancy by normal? My report is

endometrium size ---------- 6.2mm

right ovary ----------------------30*29mm

left ovary-------------------------27*20mm

follicle ----------------------------20*16mm

plzzzzzzz answer me im very depressed
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replied March 19th, 2012
What's your opinion on abortions?
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