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Apple cider vinegar and honey ?

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I've recently been diagnosed with it, though my doc said it's going on for about 2 years, but my previous doctor didn't look into it, so it got worse now. I'm not able to eat any solid food, not even bread, cause it doesn't matter how much I chew the food, even tiniest pieces will stay on the right side of my throat and then heartburn will start and anxiosity when I try to flush it down, but it doesn't go down and it stays there for 2-3 days too. it's very annoying, cause I feel like I'm gonna choke and it's not a pleasant feeling. I just wanna be able to normally eat again Sad

I'm taking esomeprazol for 13 days now, but it didn't get any better, I still feel like there's a huge lump in my throat all the time. Mostly I feel there's a huge clod of saliva in there and if I'll try to eat bread or crackers or anything like that it will all got stick there.
online I read there's a natural remedy which should cure faster than pills. It consists of mixing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey mixing it with warm water and then mix it and drink it 2 or 3 times a day. I tried this now for 3 days, but this feeling of lump in my throat is still there, so I still am afraid to eat anything else than puddings and joghurt drinks, cause for those I know nothing can get stuck.

I hope I'm not the only one with such problem here and someone feels the same and knows how to possibly make this easier for us sufferers to eat normally again. Losing weight like that is not really good specially when you're already thin enough.

also I'd like to know if this disease is fully curable? I asked my doc and she said it's questionable Sad

oh and if you tried to cure it with pills and apple cider vinegar+honey combination, please share how long it took you to normally eat again and how did you start noticing results and also after how many days?
also how long do you have to take it, for how many days?

I hope someone will have answers to my questions.
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replied December 11th, 2009
Hi....I'm having same problem since a month. Taking prevacid, but I still have that feeling in my throat (it comes and goes). I had acid reflux, so i guess acid damaged my throat...I'm getting desperated...1) I'm looking for a natural remedy and 2) I'm also curious about how long it takes to heal the throat.

Please advice....Thanks...
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