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Appendix Vs Gallbladder

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Anyone here have both problems with Appendix and gallbladder , about 7 years ago my doctor mentioned something about the removal of my Appendix to this day I haven't done much about this( my bad scared ) fast forward to present day , for the last few months have been having sharp pains in my Abdominal area not one area all over , right shoulder pain , real gassy feeling , upset ( not nausea) stomach , even was having heart attack feeling in my chest ( which was tested for no heart problems Razz ) have had CT scans , sonograms both revealed gall stones and slight problems with Appendix and a fatty liver.I have a consult with a surgeon next week ( not sure if this means I will get a surgeory or not)

Couple of questions has anyone experienced this and were there symptoms about the same , will surgeons remove both Appendix and Gallbladder at the same time if needed and does anyone have any advice?

Thank you
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replied September 13th, 2009
I had a problem with both the gall blader and appendix at the same time. Symptoms for me were the same. They were both removed separately.
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replied January 4th, 2011
I am having the same issues: I also was told I have a fatty & enlarged liver.
Had my appendix out 3 weeks ago.
Yesterday I was told I need to have my gallbladder removed, due to stones.
What does all this mean?
Why didn't they find problems with gallbladder at the same time as my appendix?
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replied October 19th, 2011
Gall blader versus appendix
I am having same problem. Labor day weekend 2011 had appendix out. sudden attack out of blue. However in hindsight I remembered the week before I did have lower back (right) pain which is associated with gall bladder. The surgeon said my appednix didn't look all that bad when he took it out, but ny pain was awful. I had 3 children, natural childbirth, no meds, and I would have rather had 10 kids than go through that "appendix" pain again. Doc was surprised. THEN 5/6 weeks later I am suffering severe abdominal pains, bloat, gas, distended gut, terrible feeling. Pain lower right, to backside, up to shoulder blades. classic gall bladder attack. Called surgeon and primary. Saw primary. Referred for sonogram.It shows i have gall bladder sludge. Have appt to see Gastro-Enter in 2 wks. Eating very light per med site suggestions. ugh. boring diet indeed. but the pain is not worth chancing it!! note: I lost 25 pounds earlier this year, primary says that could have led to gall bladder attack; low fat diet gives the organ a break, then we you return to eating more normal diet it spases out.
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