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I'm an 18 year old female and I've been having aches and pains in my right lower abdomen for about 5 days now. It started last wednesday along with a mild fever. On friday I went to the doctors and he took a urine sample and said that there was blood in it, but no nitrates(sp?) so it wasn't an infection. He did the pressure and rebound test on my abdomen and I wasn't in pain though it did feel very uncomfortable. He sent me to the nurse to get a blood test but it came back as normal.
On friday it was the normal constant ache but later in the night I got waves of nausea and I thought I was going to be sick. On the saturday I still had the fever but I got occasional chills throughout the day. In the evening I suddenly got a harsher pain in my side and I got very feverish and I had to sit down because I felt weak and my head started to hurt and I thought I was going to be sick again. After 30 mins or so it went back to the normal ache but my head still hurt and my legs were very shaky. Since then I've still had minor headaches and my lower right abdomen is still hurting, a bit more than before. I've found it helps if I put my hand on the area and apply light pressure. Some other things I've noticed; I've been urinating quite frequently but been a bit constipated, it hurts my side when I sneeze or laugh, I've been feeling quite dizzy and weak a lot of the time.

Could this be appendicitis?
Should I try and get my doctor to give me some sort of scan or ultrasound to see what's going on?
Any thoughts, help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Crying or Very sad
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replied August 25th, 2008
If the doctor did the rebound test on you and it didn't hurt on the rebound
it is less likely to be apendicitis.
You should have a scan incase it is a kidney infection or an ovarian cyst, as it is not normal to have blood in the urine.
It might not be appendicitis because the pain would be very tender and doesn't want to be touched.
Can you feel the pain in your back or is it just at the front?

Hope this helps
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