Hi friends!

I have a terrible Acne and I'm searching the best way too get rid of it.

I've tried lot of methods but none of them gave me satisfactory results...

Here it is the best one i found (I got some results but not much) I'm going to share it because it can be useful to people with soft acne Smile.

"Mix baking soda and water in equal parts. Use them to make a paste you can apply to your face. Don’t put it all over your face. You’ll only want to put it on each individual acne spot. It’s usually easier to use a Q-Tip and dab it on. Leave it on your face until it dries. This usually takes around 10 minutes. Wash it off in water that is very cold. This helps close pores. Generally, doing this twice each day can give results."

Searching trought internet I found a site very interesting and thinking to give it a try.

Anyone tried it? I read some good reviews about it

Thanks Very Happy
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replied March 28th, 2014
Well, I have apparently not tried this one, but I have been trying innumerable home remedies for acne since years. Unfortunately nothing proved helpful. On the other end, one of my friend who consulted a skin specialist procured immense benefits and now she has a flawless skin. As far as home remedies are concerned, I believe this will be helpful as I have also read a lot about the benefits of baking soda. I am too gonna try it sometime soon.

You can also try and play with lemon. Take egg white and beat it lightly, add few drops of lemon and then beat thoroughly. Apply a layer with a brush or cotton on your face all over your neck properly and let it sit there until it is completely dry. You may feel the stretching sensation on your face after it dries. Wash with warm water and you will get a glowing skin and fading shades of acne. It work wonders!
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