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Any success on clomid and progesterone pill?

Hey all,

Tried to conceive for half a year with no luck, menses were always irregular (30-40+ days)..husband showed normal sperm count with slight abnormal shaped sperms but went to several Obgyns and they all said husband's fine (he's got incredibly much sperm loL!).

Didn't get period this month so doc prescribed me with progesterone pills that I took for 6 days (Provera) to induce my period. Got the period the 4th day after finishing the pills, and now it's my 2nd day of period.

I'm told to take clomid 50mg starting tomorrow for 5 days. Anyone's been told to do this kind of 'cycle' ? And anyone succeed?????

And I'm pretty small framed, heard about Clomid could cause twin pregnancy...I'm very afraid if I do carry twins I would be in the high risk pregnancy...
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replied August 15th, 2012
I was on this cycle and ovulated the first month I took Clomid, 50mg. I was never irregular, though. I was on Birth Control pills for 5 years and after a year of being off, my body still couldn't regulate hormones to ovulate. I was regular before birth control. We didn't conceive the first month on Clomid because I was out of town. BUT, I had a perfect BBT chart and positive ovulation tests. We conceived the second month on Clomid and now I'm 5.5 weeks pregnant. Good luck! Also, my doctor said there is only a 6% chance you will have twins on Clomid. Don't worry about it. Find a good OB and even if you do have a hard time carrying them, they will take good care of ya =)
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