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Any new drugs for ADHD in progress?

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Are there any new medicines for ADHD being worked on? Despite some of the newer ones like Adzenys, Evekeo, Apentensio, etc. Are there any newer prescription medicines being developed? Is it the end-all for people if you don't like the older or the "newer" three medicines out? What can I do to get more information on newer medicines developing in the future? Please help. I have ADHD so bad that I don't like any of the medicines I've tried and I think I am getting so depressed from not being able to concentrate I've had some really depressing thoughts. I am so down from my lack of focus and attention that any use of tech like ipad,ipod,macbook, iphone, etc. drag my attention away and I get so angry sometimes that I want to punch a wall or something. I'm so tired of not being able to focus and concentrate and live my life because of how damn hard it is. Please help this is not easy and very few things help me. I'm impatient waiting for my turn in line, I talk really really fast in person, I don't listen to others well, and I'm always hyper as hell walking around the house I live in. I am thinking maybe there would be hope in the future for newer medicines because the only ones I have ever liked are Ritalin and Vyvanse. I need help bad and my doctor is SLOW helping me.
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