I am a virgin. My boyfriend was just fingering me near my vagina (not into it). He was rubbing his part against my ass and during that he evacuated on the uper part of my ass. I wiped it all. Is there any chance to get pregnant?
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replied March 18th, 2018
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No, Aisha, you are safe. There is no chance of semen getting into your vagina from what you describe. If he had ejaculated low in the crack of your ass some semen might have run down to the vagina, but not in this case.

These games go a little further each time. At least download a period tracker app so you understand the concept of fertile window better. When you feel you are close to having penetrative intercourse, stop and have a serious discussion about protecting yourself.
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replied June 14th, 2018
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No chance to get pregnant.
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