basically i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and was just wondering if u can think about something and it happen on your body. for instance my friend told me a friend of hers broke her neck and didnt realise, then 2 days later i start getting neck pains, i dont remember thinking about what my friend had told me in detail only that it was strange how someone didnt know they had broken their neck.
I have anxiety with health anyway and im constantly nervous about getting ill and every slight worry with my body builds into something it probs shouldnt.
im just curious as i know the mind is a powerful thing, i also get a lump in my throat? i have been to the doctor he didnt have a look at my neck just ruled it off as anxiety.
does any body else get this?
sorry if there are any spelling mistake or anything but im writing this in a rush, look forward to hearing from you all Very Happy
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replied June 14th, 2010
Are you taking any type of medications for your anxiety? I do not like it when our doctors brush things off. I believe they should take us seriously because we know are body the best. Sometimes people like yourself our very sensitive and that is why you started having neck pain after your friend told you about this. Perhaps you are transfering her pain to yourself. If your doctor is unwilling to help you than find another doctor that will take your symptoms into consideration. Hope this helps
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