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Anxiety unresponsive to treatment

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I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression when i was 19 (i'm 25 years old now) and it has yet to respond to treatment. Currently taking 225mg amitriptyline, 5mg olanzapine and 36mg methylphenidate (concerta). Diagnosis of current psychiatrist is anxiety, depression, add and schizo-obsessive disorder.

The anxiety has not responded but my psychiatrist is unwilling to make more changes. I sense that he is partly unsure of where to go from here, and partly doesnt want to change improvements in appetite, sleep, attention and mood.

'Obsessive thoughts' are still present, resemble tourettes/intrusive thoughts/memories, and i experience an explosion of them the day after moderate consumption of alcohol (anything above 4 units).

Can anyone suggest a way forward from here?

Additionally, I underwent CBT therapy for 2 years to no avail. I still try to employ the relaxation exercises etc. but with little to no impact.

Also is it feasible to go 1 month with benzodiazepines and 1 month without- id at least have 6 normal months in a year. Or would tolerance still occur here?

Medical history more or less in order:
venlaflaxine: hypertension and panic attacks, nausea; discontinued
venlaflaxine tr: hypertension and panic attacks, nausea; discontinued
diazepam/lorazepam: complete alleviation of anxiety, depression and 'obsessive thoughts'
propanolol: caused wheezing/asthma; discontinued.
fluoxetine: improved motivation
lamotrigine: weakened 'obsessive thoughts', DRESS syndrome; discontinued
mirtazepine: improved appetite for 3 weeks then no effect; discontinued.
desvenlaflaxine: hypertension and panic attacks, nausea; discontinued
mirtazepine again: same result as before
clonazepam: complete alleviation of anxiety, depression and 'obsessive thoughts'
amitriptyline: improved appetite
anafranil: anxiety, nausea; discontinued
olanzapine: further improved appetite
methylphenidate: improved attention, concentration, memory, mood.
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