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Anxiety triggered by hangovers or smoking

Hi I am a male, 19 years of age. I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. At first I realized that my anxiety would be triggered by hangovers or smoking whilst on a hangover. I have cut down significantly on cigerettes and drinking and after St Patricks day i have decided not to drink for a couple of months and to quit smoking completely. I was not regularly smoking anyway. I have been prescribed xanax .25mg and Lexapro. I have problems sleeping at night and my anxiety wakes me up every time i fall asleep or just as i am about to. Last night i took a half of the xanax and it worked but i would like to get rid of my anxiety completely. My GP recommended I start taking the Lexapro but i've been told that it can cause suicidal thoughts. My panic attacks include sweating, nausia, palpitations, fast heartbeat, numbness in different parts of the body, white flashes, weakness and this horrible feeling running through my body. I smoked Cannabis from the age of 15 and quit 4 months ago. I also had a similar anxiety expieriance where i thought i was going to have a heart attack on bathsalt drugs similar to cocaine when it was legal in Ireland and have tried cocaine and speed and have had what I have life threatening situations on both at a point of taking too much. This fear of having a heart attack has been instilled into my way of thinking from those times which only makes the panic attacks worse. I have narcotics out of my life and i just want to feel better. I get times where i worry i might have heart disease due to similarities of the symptoms and I am not sure if there is a bigger reason behind my anxiety as family life tends to get chaotic frequently and I had a hard time back in high school. I would just like a general opinion on what to do
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replied May 16th, 2013
Don't worry, smoking craps or drinking doesn't have great connection with panic attacks. They only triger some vulneravle parts of your brain so you end up obbsesively thinking of your deep down fears. Here is what I post everywhere in order to help as much as I can Very Happy

Hi there,

I recently overcame my panic attacks and strong depersonalization moments and I would really like to share my experience and treatment on each forum I find, as other posts helped me when I needed it more, who knows, maybe it helps Smile

All my panic attacks were trigered suddently, started with numbness in arms, a feeling of general dizziness and strong insomnia. I ended up in hospital being treated with Xanax so I could finally get some sleep. Helped for a very short time and as my symptoms were back again I had to search help at other doctors. My general practicioner prescribed me Xanax for a month but that I can say was the worst month since my panic attacks: always dizzy, sleepy and weak memory.

THE ONLY THING THAT REALLY HELPED ME was seeing a psychiatrist, who prescribed me CIPRALEX (escitalopram) 10 mg and LEXOTAN. First TWO WEEKS were like HELL, but my psychiatrist warned me of this short strong period, so I had the strenght to defeat panic attacks, accentuated with deep depersonalization moments. I felt like if I am a ghost and the rest of the people are not real and all the things that make one wonder if he's going crazy. But after that period, as suddently as my panic attacks appeared, the same way started to go. Therewas no more numbness, no more dizzyness and no more fear to go to sleep or walk outside. I slowly let go of Lexotan and remained only on Cipralex. This happened after a month of treatment. In just five months I reduced the doze of Cipralex to a half for 10 days and a half at two days for other 10 days and I was done with medication.

I feel great, I can easyly think back at all those nightmare moments I thought I will die or go "nutz" and smile. I found it very important to think thatyes life doesn't have a goal of it's own but it's our duty to find what makes us happy. AND SOMETHING ELSE THAT REALLY HELPED WAS GOING OUT WHEN I WAS MOST AFFRAID TO DO SO AND SEARCHING TO GO TO WORK EVEN IF I HAD ALLOT OF MOMENTS WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMED STRANGE AROUND ME
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replied May 29th, 2013
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Fist off I GREATLY disagree with Mikasha - Drinking does have everything to do with anxiety and depression - alcohol is a depressant duh.... Smoking Cigs also is a 'smoke screen' not allowing proper serotonin to release in your brain - ANOTHER THING don't be going to a GP for PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS they don't know enough about it.. Go to a Psychiatrist please. Its obvious your 19 and on Xanax - holy crap do you know how addictive that crap is also how much it can alter your mood. I suggest finding a different doc immediately!! until then I have no better suggestions for you. BUT to answer your question DRINKING AND SMOKING HAVE A LOT TO DO WITH ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION!!! Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't also you should not drink on the combo of meds your on right now it could kill you - drinking and benzos are a lethal combination
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