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Anxiety/Stress for about a month.

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I have had this stressful anxiety problem for about a month now. At least 4 weeks, and it's total misery. When I think it is getting better, the symptoms just happen again. It all started with what I think was a panic attack. I went to the doctor and he said my heart is healthy. I had 2 more panic attacks the next day. Then after that I had no more panic attacks. It changed me way too much. I am scared to eat unhealthy because I think it may make me lightheaded. I have had uncontrollable twitching at night and heart palpitations and every symptom possible. I have been yawning like crazy. I don't know why. I am anxious PURELY about my health. Nothing else. I have had some bad stomach pain recently, that's new. a couple minutes seems much longer than it should. One time during this dilemma, I didn't sleep for two days, the next day I exercised really hard. Is that of any significance? I have not been having that many sleeping problems. When I think about myself, I just can't believe this is happening to me. I don't know what to eat because I think it may hurt me. I heard anxiety can change the chemistry of you're body. I have had some ear ringing too. Uncontrollable twitching, chest pain, lightheadedness, and just too many other symptoms.

I have never had any major health problems before the first panic attack. I didn't have the best diet either. Can someone just please tell me what could be happening to me? I try not thinking about it but the symptoms just come back and mess me up.

I am 16 years old btw.
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replied October 27th, 2013
How to overcome panic attack/Axiety
* Panic attack is a emotion state which needed to be treated emotionally.
* 10% of population is suffering from panic attack, do not be afraid.

Before Attack:
* Do medical check up to make sure you are fine physically.
* Eat Healthily and Eat Small Meals
* No coffee & Alcohol & Party
* Exercise regularly, Jog, Gym, Safe Sex (no ONS)

During Attack:
* Deep Break, really deep breath. Make sure it's slow, even, long lasting, swallow as much as air as possible.
* Tell yourself that you are fine.

The Cure has to be within
* When you have no solution, you will be panic, when you feel insecure, you will get panic, when you feel helpless, you will be depressed.
* Identify your diggers. What are you panic about? So what is your trigger? You might not know, why, your fear goes into your Subconscious mind, but it's Okay, nothing to worry about, if that is the case, please do the following:
* Panic attack makes you feel dying. This is the most fear! when that happen, your fear more! ppl you loved, you care. your lovely son and daughter, your parents. so how? Make peace with death. If that really have to happen, let it be! but before that, make a will, decide clearly the money goes to who. if you have nothing, buy one insurance. If you have no money to buy insurance, do something really cool and good to the people around you, those you loved, those you concerned, so you will not regret for this living.
* Minimize your expenses to the minimum, why? this is to eliminate your finacial stress.
* Get connected with Positive people, why? you need positive engergy, positive frds. so the questionis where to find Positive people. those group of people are gathering very often, find them! where they are, you can find them at Seminars, its free, go!
* Get connected with caring people who has no intention toward you, why? you are not alone, you need care and concern. you need to be heard, you need to be seen. Where to find those people, the easiest is to go to church, or turn to your boyfriend or girlfriend! Do not be shy, most people are nice in the church.
* Get connected with Nature, why? Nature is silent, powerful, it will never treat you, lie to you, Nature has the most power and energy which can fight anything and everything, we can't go against it. but follow it.
* Get rid of your negative emotions, why? to be continued...
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replied November 1st, 2013
You obviously copy and pasted that unhelpful text.
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