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anxiety, stress, drugs or weed?

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i have done alot of ecstasy and other drugs these past few months, i have dropped all but weed(which i smoke daily). i am getting a divorce, have a child, no job....all the typical 22 year old stress.

well for awhile now i have been feeling different then i use to. sometimes i notice this a lot sometimes i dont notice it. its the strangest feeling like im not the same as everyone else. i get the feeling that im not in reality. i think im crazy sometimes because i get so trapped in my head and how i see and hear things change when this happens. its always different though, one day i hear and see things different, like its all in my head. when i smoke i think i keep seeing things(best described as shadows) from the corner of my peripherals and sometimes im not sure if something i heard was really there(like did that sound just happen). also sometimes i dont feel like im seeing through my eyes but from my body or mind?(cant explain this 1)

well doc what is it. am i crazy or not?

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