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Anxiety, Stress and Effects Upon My Health?

I have had a worsening bronchial condition which recently (Dec. 29/2016) was diagnosed in the ER as bacterial. I also have been dealing with an estrangement from my daughter who is bipolar and has Lupus. These two conditions have made our relationship like walking on eggshells. My poor daughter is very ill. She is very worried. I tried to be very calm and supportive but all of a sudden she went silent and no communication since Mother's Day of 2016. The sadness may very well have taken a toll upon me now.

I joined a wonderful online forum devoted to mothers of estranged adult children. I have poured my heart out to them and it is helping so much. I am slowing rising above the sadness and grief. However, my health is so awful now. What can I do to get over this bacterial bronchial infection without taking More Antibiotics?
I am now on the second round of azithromycin.

I am otherwise in good health. No heart problems, no blood pressure problems. I tend to get anxious but need help with this.

Suggestions on conquering this green mucous, coughing, fatigue? Any of you out there have ideas? I am desperate! I am 68 years old and want to live a much longer life.

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replied January 30th, 2017
I'm not sure how you are feeling today, hopefully better.
I also do not know where you are from, but if you have a Walmart or a Walgreens near you--you may be in luck! I have had fantastic success myself and with my family members using a product called Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold & Flu Relief. We like the quick dissolve tablets and if taken as directed we have had very quick resolve of colds and flu like symptoms.

Fast relief from:
Nasal & Sinus congestion
Runny nose
Sore Throat
Chills & Fever

Check and see if you can find this product near you....or Google it, it has worked wonders for our family!
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replied March 10th, 2017
Everyone is prone to stress and anxiety. Stress effects on health are seen as follows:

Physical symptoms:
* Headaches
* Fatigue/tiredness/low energy
* Weight gain/weight loss
* Breathlessness
* Muscle twitching/muscle stiffness
* Insomnia

Symptoms affecting the mind:
* Negativity
* Worrying
* Nightmares
* Indecisiveness/ Hasty decision making
* Impaired - judgement
* Hasty decisions
* Confusion

Symptoms related to emotion:
* Depression
* Loss of confidence
* Anger
* Mood swings
* Irritability
* Lack of interest
* Anxiety
* Detachment

Behavioral symptoms:
* Loss of appetite
* Restlessness
* Clumsiness
* Inclination to addictions like smoking and drinking
* Loss of sex drive

Some prevention techniques of stress and anxiety are:
* Take out time for your hobbies
* Train yourself to stay positive
* Eat healthy
* Learn to deal with it
* Take it easy
* Meditation
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