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Anxiety Problems Not Able To Cope

Well ive been dealing with anxitey for about 5 months and i had my first Panic Attack in Feb. Ok my problem is that my doctor put me on Paxil and when i started it i had a bad reaction to it started lashing out at everyone and was very hypersenseitive. Ok now my problem is that im having some very unplesnt feelings i really feel as if im not going to make it through the year. My symptoms are fear, terror, on the defensive, impending doom, i feel like im losing my mind and im really getting tired of it. I want some help but im scared of anti depressants now and i fear the psych. I cant even work let alone be by myself fear that im going to passout and no one will know what wrong with me, also everytime i go to any doctor they throw me xanax which helps but its just putting a bandaid over a bullet wound. I want the anxiety to stop without the use of pills. Please any advice? I want to be able to be normal again i feel like im going crazy.
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replied March 29th, 2012
What helped me
Meditation is something to look into, since learning to meditate I've overcome most of my strange phobias. I know exactly where your coming from I would just start freaking out crying and feel like dying and everyone would think I'm nuts. Therapy wasn't helping and I refused to take medicine for it. I started looking into meditation and thought it was really stupid at first, but when I started trying it I found it to be extremely beneficial to feel centered. I'm only a 17 year old girl and my anxiety recently had started completely taking over my life, where a few year's ago it was non-exsistant. Nobody would listen to me, my teachers started getting angry with me, my family made fun of me and nobody understood how extreme it was. Therapy annoyed me and they only wanted to hand me pills that I felt like I would just end up hooked on. Meditation really helped me get myself re centered and the breathing and mind technic's really help when I feel an attack coming on.
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